Takeaways from the NY Jets Flight 2022: New Heights series

NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Episode 2: Respect for Robert Saleh is evident throughout the organization

The second episode of the series sent a clear message about the presence that Robert Saleh has already established as the Jets' head coach.

Not only has he done so with his consistent messaging, but with the trust in the coaching staff that he brought in to identify and develop the right players for the roster.

People interviewed that are inside and outside of the organization spoke about how much a difference Saleh has made from a culture standpoint thus far.

Todd McShay pointed out that "the results don't match up with the confidence in the building" implying that the results will soon follow the level of confidence, something that Jets fans are hoping for in year two under Saleh's leadership.

It was nice to get an inside look at offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur's mindset. He's got experience from being in the building for two different organizations that saw exponential improvements culminating with a Super Bowl appearance at both stops (Atlanta Falcons and San Fransisco 49ers).

Seeing LaFleur talk up Laken Tomlinson when the staff in the room was doing a scouting report on free agents spoke to that earned credibility of knowing what a championship type of player looks like.

Having someone with the type of mentality that LaFleur posses should give Jets fans comfort with who is at the reigns for Zach Wilson and the rest of the offense. It also doesn't hurt that the man can grill a mean-looking salmon.