NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Vikings in Week 13

NY Jets
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NY Jets to sit with reservations

  • Jets Defense
  • Tyler Conklin
  • James Robinson* (Assuming he's RB3)

As always, this list is in order from most likely to be worth starting to least likely to be worth starting. The Jets' defense is on a seven-game streak of holding their opponent under their season points average.

During this streak, they've only allowed an opponent to score 20+ once, and it took three interceptions that led to three drives starting in their own territory to do it. Fun fact, the only time the Bills scored less than 19 points all season was against the Jets.

So why bench them? I just think there's too much firepower here. Sure, the Vikings scored seven points against the Eagles and three points two weeks ago against the Cowboys, but both of those defenses are a little older and more experienced than the Jets' defense.

If you need ammunition to go against my advice, here is an excellent example above. The Jets definitely have the personnel to inflict similar damage, but so did the Patriots and Bills.

I'm just not super confident that the Jets will get anything more than multiple sacks — I actually believe the streak of holding teams under their points average will end this Sunday and the Vikings will surpass their 23.8 average.

As for Tyler Conklin, he resides on this list for yet another week, as he had three catches for 50 yards in Mike White's debut. Throw a touchdown in that stat line and that's an admirable performance from a tight end.

The fact that it may be a shootout implies touchdowns will be scored, and he's just as good of a bet to score in the red zone as any other target on the team. You could get lucky with him this week.

I must say, James Robinson makes me look worse and worse each week. I listed him as a top player on this team with a chip on his shoulder and proceeded to put him on the start list each of the last two weeks only for him to become a further disgruntled healthy scratch.

It's certainly possible that he earns playing time and runs hard when he gets it, but I'm not entirely confident that it is this week. All I know for sure is that whoever ends up as RB1, RB2, and RB3 will all have very distinct values with White at the helm. Assuming that Robinson is in fact RB3, then this is where he belongs.