NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Vikings in Week 13

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So, this Mike White game was almost as magical as that other one. In his 2022 season debut, White led the NY Jets to the most yards in a game they've had all season (466). In fact, the only times the Jets have had 415+ yards of offense since 2018 were games that White had started.

As a result of all this yardage, as Richard Sherman so eloquently put it, "everybody eats B!"

In this week's edition of fantasy football starts and sits, we will be addressing more players than ever before and dissecting who are the best options to clinch your playoff berths as the Jets try to do the exact same thing in real football.

This week, the Jets are going against the Minnesota Vikings, who currently rank 32nd in the NFL in pass defense. This might seem like an 'easy game' for White, but this same team is 9-2 and soundly defeated every other team in the AFC East.

Given the margin of victory in those other AFC East battles (all within one score) and the explosiveness of this Vikings offense that has Pro Bowl talent at every skill position, we might be in for the first shootout of the season. Who better to lead it than the man who gave us our last shootout win in that thriller against Cincinnati last year?

Friendly reminder that anyone put on last week's sit-with-confidence list who doesn't climb up in value will be omitted from this week's list. Let's look at who has fallen to this week's sit list and who may be worth trusting in the later lists:

NY Jets to sit with confidence

  • Corey Davis

Corey Davis is working his way back to 100% after missing the last few weeks with a knee injury, but I think we've seen the core of his role in a Mike White-led offense.

As Robert Saleh has said, his presence matters greatly in the huddle and he's a trusted outlet that White targeted on third down, but White isn't looking outside the numbers too much.

Of course, there's always the off chance that busted coverage happens. If that happens, it's possible Corey grabs 10+ points in a half-PPR league all on one play.

The much more likely scenario, however, is that he gets a few third-down conversions here and there for small yardage and finishes with under five points.