NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Patriots in Week 11

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
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NY Jets
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NY Jets to sit with reservations

  • TE Tyler Conklin
  • WR Elijah Moore
  • WR Denzel Mims
  • WR Corey Davis
  • WR Braxton Berrios

The four men above are listed in the order of most likely to have a fantasy-relevant game to least likely. It's fair to assume that, in the passing game, Garrett Wilson and Tyler Conklin will be heavily featured especially since one of them has led the Jets in targets in each of the last three games.

You may be surprised to learn that Conklin was the target leader in two of the last three. So why not start him with confidence? In a regular half-PPR league, he has scored more than five points twice in the six games that Wilson has been back throwing the football. That's why.

A valid argument could be made that the Patriots' defense funneled the Jets' passing attack to the middle and they may opt to do that again since they won the last game, but with news of Elijah Moore taking more slot duties, I'd say there's about an equal chance that either guy catches Wilson's eye (and passes) in the middle.

While Conklin's recent usage may give him the higher floor, Moore may actually have a higher ceiling than the Jets' leader in receiving touchdowns Conklin because he also has value as a runner.

He may currently have two rushes for -4 yards this year, but his first NFL touchdown was a rushing attempt against the Patriots and they had some success last year with similar plays.

This year, however, it seems like Braxton Berrios is the reverse specialist so he warrants a look, but it's very likely that Berrios will solely be used for these types of plays. He's the most touchdown-dependent Jets player on the whole team, so unless you think he's scoring two of them, sit him.

Denzel Mims and Corey Davis have almost equal risk/value because they play the same position and have eerily similar skill sets. Luckily for them, Wilson seems to have an affinity for the big and fast, so whichever one of them gets the lion's share at the Z-receiver spot will get some targets.

Obviously, Mims's ceiling rises if Davis misses another game, but even if Davis plays, Mims could be a factor.