NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Patriots in Week 11

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Just as the NY Jets are pushing for a playoff berth in the AFC, millions of Jets fans worldwide are probably vying for a playoff berth in their fantasy football leagues just as I am.

If you're also like me and have multiple Jets on your team(s), then this is the column for you because each week from here on out, we will be discussing who to sit and who to start for each week.

The way I see it, in any given week, any fantasy football player will fall into four main categories: Sit with Confidence, Sit with Reservations, Start with Reservations, and Start with Confidence.

We will establish which Jets fall in all four categories this week, and then build off from there each sequential week until you're hoisting up that fantasy football trophy.

NY Jets to sit with confidence

  • QB Zach Wilson
  • TE C.J. Uzomah

This shouldn't be too much of a shock to anyone, but these two guys probably shouldn't even be owned let alone playing for any competitive fantasy team any time soon.

You may look at Zach Wilson's career-high 355 passing yards and two touchdowns and think he may be in for a repeat performance, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Before that game, Wilson had thrown for more than 253 yards zero times, including multiple efforts this season that barely crossed 100 yards.

Against the Patriots specifically, Wilson was averaging 42 yards per quarter (he was injured early in his second game vs. the Patriots) which equates to 208 yards in a game (slightly higher than his current season average of 200.3 yards per game).

That Patriots game was also the only game in which Wilson threw for multiple touchdowns this season and just the fourth occurrence like that in his career. The three interceptions in Week 8 fall in sync with his average of 0.8 interceptions per quarter in his previous five quarters against the Patriots.

Long story short, Wilson will most likely struggle against the Patriots for the fourth consecutive time. While I'd hope he throws fewer picks, I imagine he'll be throwing less in general, therefore, he will continue to be the fantasy non-factor he's been all season.

As for C.J. Uzomah, he's had zero games with more than three targets. It's pretty underrated that he's hauled in every target that he's gotten this season, but until he gets more of them you can leave him (and any Jets player that's not included in the following slides) on the waiver wire.