NY Jets fans will love Caleb Williams' anti-Tom Brady take

Caleb Williams is a BIG fan of Aaron Rodgers

Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The NY Jets may have a future ally in top quarterback prospect Caleb Williams. The projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft has drawn comparisons to Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and it seems as though Williams has taken those comparisons to heart.

Williams told CBS Sports last week that, while most consider Tom Brady to be the greatest of all time, his personal "football GOAT" is the aforementioned Rodgers.

"Football, winning, and things like that, mentality, [it's] Tom Brady. My football GOAT is Aaron Rodgers."

Caleb Williams

This likely won't endear the expected future Chicago Bears quarterback to his likely new fan base, but it certainly earns him some brownie points with Jets fans.

Not only does Williams clearly think highly of the Jets' current quarterback, but he took a subtle shot at their most hated longtime rival in the process. A pro-Rodgers, anti-Brady take will always go over well with Jets faithful.

Caleb Williams is a big fan of NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Williams is the consensus No. 1 overall player in his draft class and is widely expected to be taken with the first overall pick in next month's draft. The team that holds that pick, the Bears, has quite the history with Williams' pro comparison.

Rodgers made a living out of tormenting the Bears for close to two decades. The 19-year NFL veteran holds a career 24-5 record against the Bears. He's thrown for more touchdowns against the Bears than he has against any other team in the league.

It's safe to say that Williams' admiration of Rodgers doesn't sit well with Bears fans who bore witness to the four-time MVP torturing their team for the last 18 years. Nonetheless, it's easy to see why Williams has drawn comparisons to Rodgers.

Williams is an electric playmaker who thrives when he's able to create out of schedule. That same playmaking and elite raw talent that made Rodgers one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history can be seen in Williams' tape.

Of course, Jets fans will remember the last young QB prospect who not only admired Rodgers but also drew comparisons to him. The Bears (assuming they draft him) will be hoping that Williams' career turns out a little different than Zach Wilson's.