NY Jets need to set an example and extend Marcus Maye

NY Jets, Marcus Maye
NY Jets, Marcus Maye / Al Pereira/Getty Images
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The NY Jets don't have to sign franchise safety Marcus Maye to a long-term contract. In fact, you could argue that based on cap management, his age, and position, that they probably shouldn't.

But sometimes, going against business logic is for the greater good of the franchise.

The Jets have until the July 15th deadline to get a long-term deal done with Marcus Maye. The result could determine whether or not the veteran safety remains with the team beyond this coming season. 

The Jets have been down this road before in recent years. The franchise has had issues in finding and developing their own star players and retaining them for the long haul.

Not since Quincy Enunwa has a player drafted by the Jets received a multi-year contract extension. Poor drafting is one of the reasons for this, but also, in recent years, the team has arguably undervalued some of their better homegrown players (Robby Anderson/Leonard Williams). 

Perhaps it's the Jets' recent history and results with players like Enunwa receiving an extension and his career-ending injury that causes a pause in making a long-term commitment, but ultimately it shouldn't.