NY Jets WR Elijah Moore helped A.J. Brown battle depression

NY Jets, Elijah Moore
NY Jets, Elijah Moore / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages

NY Jets' wide receiver Elijah Moore is a blessing on and off the field. A recent anecdote about Moore's kind heart shows how the rookie is already shaping up to be a powerful role model in the league.

They've since gone their separate ways, Moore and Tennessee Titans' A.J. Brown were once like two wideout peas in a pod.

In 2018, Moore and Brown played together at Ole Miss, where each had his share of dazzling highlights on the field. Their off-field relationship, though, unseen by the public eye, spawned some of their most tender — and life-changing — moments.

In a since-deleted Instagram post detailing his struggles with depression, Brown credited Moore for helping him get through his darkest times.

When Brown was having suicidal thoughts, Brown said Moore was the one who was there for him all along the way, and that "God told him all the right things to say to me that night.”

"He’s more than family. I love him like he’s my brother. He is my brother. He’s a special person and I appreciate him each and every day."

A.J. Brown on Elijah Moore

NY Jets' Elijah Moore and Tennessee Titans' A.J. Brown have an unbreakable bond

Despite being drafted to different teams, Moore and Brown have maintained their close bond years after their college playing days. When the Jets drafted Moore in the second round, Brown was sitting right next to his former teammate cheering him on.

When Moore needed some extra help with his game, Brown helped Moore understand how to beat defenders in space and develop into a more complete wide receiver.

Videos have also surfaced of the two working out together over the offseason, as they share a special connection not necessarily because of football, but in spite of it.

"I lived with [Moore]. He’s seen my struggles, I’ve seen his struggles. I know what he wants to accomplish, he knows what I want to accomplish. In life. Period. This is not just football talk, this is life talk."

A.J. Brown

As two of the most darling starlets in the league, Moore and Brown still have a long way to go to accomplish what they presumably want to accomplish.

Moore and the Jets will face the Miami Dolphins in Week 11, while Brown and the Titans will face the Houston Texans.

One plays for the current No. 1 AFC playoff seed, while another plays for a team sitting dead last in their division.

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Team allegiances aside, Moore and Brown know they can always depend on each other. No matter where they each end up in their respective careers, their friendship has no bounds.