The NY Jets may have drafted a psychopath in Micheal Clemons

NY Jets, Micheal Clemons
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The NY Jets made a number of high-profile splashes in this year's NFL Draft. From Sauce Gardner to Garrett Wilson to Jermaine Johnson, the Jets have had no shortage of star power at rookie minicamp this year.

However, none of those players have stolen the show quite like fourth-round pick Micheal Clemons has so far. It hasn't been with his play, however, as rookies haven't exactly done much to this point in minicamp.

Instead, Clemons has made everyone take notice with his words. His stoic demeanor and calm off-field presence combined with his menacing rhetoric have made him the most intimidating man in camp.

The dude's a psychopath, plain and simple. And I mean that in the best possible way.

NY Jets defensive end Micheal Clemons is an absolute psychopath

It's easy to see why the Jets fell in love with Clemons. Despite his red flags (age, injuries, off-field issues), Clemons is as charismatic as they come in interviews. He doesn't just draw the attention of everyone in the room, he commands it. Not with his words, but with his demeanor.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Clemons spoke about the best way to get an opponent to respect you. His response was simple.

"You make a guy quickly respect you when you hit a guy in the mouth over and over again."

Micheal Clemons

It isn't just what he said, but the way he said it. Clemons comes across as a man you don't want to mess with. Someone you don't want to cross. And absolutely someone you don't want to be matched up one-on-one with on the gridiron.

Head coach Robert Saleh spoke to the media on Saturday, and when asked about Clemons, he couldn't mask his admiration. Saleh confirmed what many already believe to be true about Clemons: he's a psychopath on the football field.

"When [Clemons] puts the helmet on, he goes to a very dark place. And it reflects in his play in the effort and violence with which he does it."

Robert Saleh

What's amazing about that quote is that it comes in stark contrast to what Saleh said next. "But at the same time, he is a pleasure to be around. Great conversations."

Saleh's right. Clemons managed to be charismatic and charming while still maintaining his calm, intimidating presence when speaking to reporters on Friday.

When asked by a reporter if he had ever played offensive tackle before (given his size and length), Clemons just stood there for a few moments. Mouth slightly ajar, just staring blankly back at Cimini.

That was before he cracked a smile, laughed a little, and just responded with a simple, "no." Clemons then got into a down position to simulate playing as an offensive lineman while flashing a smile. The room erupted in laughter.

That exchange is the best illustration of who Clemons is off the field. He's a captivating, genuinely funny individual whose eyes pierce through your soul just as much as his booming voice echoes throughout any room he steps foot in.

Clemons isn't some raging lunatic. His moves on the field are calculated, just as his words are off of it. He's instinctive, intelligent, and insightful, but he's also violent, nasty, and aggressive.

That's a psychopath for you.

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Micheal Clemons is a psychopath, and the Jets couldn't be any happier about it.