2 reasons why Jameson Williams is worth the risk for the NY Jets

NY Jets, Jameson Williams
NY Jets, Jameson Williams / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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NY Jets, Jameson Williams
NY Jets, Jameson Williams / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages

Jameson Williams: The Upside

So, the major question is: Will drafting Jameson Williams in the top-10 be worth this risk? I say yes. Why? Because his speed and athleticism are game-breaking.

Despite not getting the chance to show off his elite speed during the annual Combine, Williams has still been called the best deep-threat in this class and the NFL's next big playmaker. If the Jets were set on a Tyreek Hill-like talent, Williams is clearly the most comparable player in this draft class.

He has already been compared to fellow Crimson Tide playmakers like Jaylen Waddle and Henry Ruggs. In a modern NFL that values elite speed as high as it ever has, Williams offers an upside that no other receiver in this class can match.

The risk cannot be ignored. But the superstar potential will certainly cause a team to bite. The Jets would be foolish to not seriously consider being the team to bite on Williams first.

NY Jets: The Fit

This begs one final question: Does Jameson Williams fit well in the current NY Jets' offense?

While I do see the benefit of targeting possession-typed receiver like London who has the ball skills to make himself open even when closely guarded, one cannot deny the upside of Williams.

The Alabama superstar would fit especially well in an offense that features a returning possession receiver in Corey Davis and a big, playmaking, tight end in newcomer C.J. Uzomah.

Zach Wilson is not a quarterback lacking in arm strength or an ability to drive the ball down the field. Imagine what he could look like with Williams and budding star Elijah Moore streaking down the field on either sideline. This could open up the offense in a way fans have not seen in any recent era of Jets football.

The Jets' decision-making process over the next several weeks could set the franchise on an entirely new trajectory. If things break right, New York may have finally built a roster worthy of contention in the AFC East. If the Jets pass on players who go on to have superior careers, it will add even more fodder to the ridicule.

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Yet, even with these high stakes, the risk is worth the reward in the case of Jameson Williams. He is worth serious consideration at either of the franchise's first-round picks.