5 teams that regret passing on NY Jets WR Elijah Moore

NY Jets, Elijah Moore
NY Jets, Elijah Moore / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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The NY Jets may have landed one of the steals of the 2021 NFL Draft when they selected Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore with the 34th overall pick in the second round.

While it's still far too early to accurately gauge the rookie class — after all, we're only 13 weeks into many of their careers — it's safe to say that some teams might already be having regrets about the players they selected.

Nothing is certain in the NFL. Sometimes players need a few years to really find their groove and live up to their pre-draft hype. Other times, players get off to blazing hot starts only to see their level of play actually decrease over the following years.

Just look at someone like Baker Mayfield for an example of the latter.

But through three months, it's fair to suggest that the Jets are very happy with their Elijah Moore selection. Almost as happy as they were the day they drafted him.

And one look around the NFL will provide a few examples of teams that could certainly use Moore on their roster. Teams that all had the opportunity to draft Moore back in April.

Again, it's still early and in a couple of years from now, some of these teams might not end up regretting their decisions. But on a surface level, let's take a look at five teams that could certainly use Elijah Moore at this time.