NY Jets have more draft capital than almost any team in recent NFL history

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The NY Jets have stockpiled an impressive haul of draft picks for 2022 and are currently ranked first in the league in total draft capital.

Come April, the Jets will have nine picks in total, four of which come in the first two rounds and two of those four in the top-10.

The Jets can thank the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks for a few of their picks as well as pat themselves on the back for setting up one of their most lucrative draft years in recent history.

According to NFL analyst Warren Sharp, New York's total draft value in 2022 amounts to 124 "points." That's 20 "points" more than the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants, listed second and third respectively, and is a full 100 "points" more than the last-place Rams.

New York's 124 points worth of draft capital ranks second-most of any team since at least 1999, per Sharp's above graph. The 1991 Dallas Cowboys (not pictured on the graph) and the 2018 Cleveland Browns stand as the only other teams that have accumulated more draft value in any single year.

NY Jets can make a huge leap in 2022 given their ridiculously extensive draft capital

Of course, high picks alone don't guarantee a top-performing draft class. The 2018 Browns class, for example, has since been decimated and now consists of just three worthy starters: Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, and Nick Chubb. And Mayfield is still arguably on the fence.

In 2021, the Jets found potential franchise gems at numerous crucial positions, including quarterback Zach Wilson, wide receiver Elijah Moore, and left guard Alijah Vera-Tucker. That offseason, New York owned the second-most draft capital, behind only the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This April, Joe Douglas and the Jets coaches will have the cream of the crop when it comes to filling major areas of need for the upcoming season.

Pass rusher, offensive line, and the secondary could see the most reinforcements as the Jets aim to find starting-caliber prospects to make an immediate impact in Year 1.

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The Jets have prime draft position — the best possible draft position in terms of value in 2022. Can they take advantage of it?