NY Jets draft capital could provide ultimate roster-building flexibility

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4. The NY Jets could use a pick or two to trade for a current NFL player

Not only does draft capital represent assets to be able to move up in the draft, but it can be used to trade for a current NFL player if the Jets feel like there’s a golden opportunity to add a difference-maker.

Every year, both before the new league year begins in March and leading up to the draft in April, there are impact players that move from team to team via trade.

If the Jets feel like there’s a player available that could step in and make a major impact, one (or both) of these picks could be used to acquire said player.

While there’s risk associated with every move, this represents slightly less risk as the player acquired already has proven he can perform at a high level against NFL competition.

This doesn’t seem as likely a scenario as No. 1 or No. 2 either, since the Jets are more than one player away from contention.

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No matter what Jets brass decides to do, the options are limitless. With each game that they and the Seahawks lose, the value of those picks and the manner at which they can be used increases.

That, Jets fans, is worth being excited about.