NY Jets draft capital could provide ultimate roster-building flexibility

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 2. The NY Jets could trade down and acquire more draft capital

Having two picks within the top-five not only represents value to your own team, but is attractive to the other 31 clubs as well. All NFL teams hold top-five and top-10 picks in high regards, as it represents an opportunity to add a player that, in theory, should step in right away and make an impact.

Once you get outside of the top-10, the volatility and uncertainty of the pick increases. The Jets could (and surely would) dangle at least one of these picks to any team that calls with interest.

The hypothetical scenarios and potential assets they could acquire are endless, but one thing is certain: the other 31 clubs will have interest in giving Douglas a call to discuss a trade.

It stands to reason that Gang Green will use at least one of these picks to select a player, as they need more high end talent. But having two picks in a similar range of value represents opportunity to add more ammo for later in the 2022 NFL Draft or future years.

3. The NY Jets could put together a package to move up in the draft

While the Jets are currently slated to own two high picks, it may not be high enough for the potential prospect they view as a franchise-altering player.

Take Oregon edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux for example — even if the Jets do own a pick as high as No. 4, they might not be high enough to get him (in the scenario they viewed him as a can’t-miss player).

Having two valuable picks makes them a lot more attractive for a team in front of them looking to acquire more draft capital. The Detroit Lions, for example, (potential occupants of the No. 1 overall pick), under first-year general manager Brad Holmes, have many holes to fill and could want to move down.

The Chicago Bears did this in 2017 when they moved up from pick No. 3 to No. 2 to ensure they got Mitch Trubisky. Yikes, Chicago.

This scenario seems a lot less likely than the other two given most moves like this are made for a quarterback, something the Jets presumably won’t be in the market for in April. However, it is still an option on the table if there is a player the Jets decision makers are in love with.