NY Jets meet with Caleb Williams and top QB prospects at NFL Combine

The Jets met with multiple top QB prospects

Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The NY Jets aren't expected to be in the market for a quarterback early in this year's 2024 NFL Draft, but at the very least, the team is doing its due diligence. The team has reportedly met with two of the top quarterback prospects in this year's draft class.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported on Wednesday that the Jets are one of eight teams USC quarterback Caleb Williams will meet with at the NFL Combine. The Jets stand out in the list as one of the only teams not expected to pursue a quarterback early in the draft.

Williams is the consensus No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft, and unless the Chicago Bears surprisingly stick with Justin Fields, they are expected to select him with the first overall pick.

The Jets have also reportedly met with LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. Daniels, who is considered to be a potential top-five pick, met with nine known teams at the NFL Combine.

The NY Jets are doing their homework on top QB draft prospects

Williams and Daniels are widely seen as two of the top three quarterback prospects in this year's draft. It's unknown at this time if the Jets have also met with North Carolina's Drake Maye, the third of the top three QB prospects.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that the Jets will target a quarterback early in the draft, but it does mean they're doing their due diligence. If one of the top QB prospects surprisingly falls to the 10th overall pick, it's one option the Jets could consider.

The Jets are once again relying on Aaron Rodgers to lead them to the promised land in 2024, but his future beyond next season is uncertain. It would make sense for the team to explore adding a young QB to develop behind him.

That said, there are a number of reasons why it doesn't make sense for the Jets to use a first-round pick on said developmental quarterback.

The current Jets regime, led by general manager Joe Douglas, knows that the 2024 season is essentially playoffs or bust. The Jets need to, at a bare minimum, make the postseason in 2024, or else everyone is likely getting fired.

While Douglas would likely love to develop a young quarterback behind Rodgers, there's no guarantee he's even with the organization at this time next year. His focus is on 2024 — not the future.

The Jets are trying to capitalize on their small Super Bowl window with Rodgers at quarterback. It wouldn't make much sense to use a premium asset on a player who isn't going to play much of a role in that small window of opportunity — even though the team essentially did that last year.

Ultimately, the Jets are simply gathering some extra information on two of the top QB prospects in this year's draft. That's likely all this is.