Why the NY Jets shouldn't draft these 4 top prospects

NY Jets, Ikem Ekwonu
NY Jets, Ikem Ekwonu / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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NY Jets fans have been discussing their team's draft options non-stop since the tail-end of the 2021 season. It's become a yearly ritual for the beautiful and loyal fans of the Jets to obsess over their favorite team's options from late December until draft day.

With the 2022 NFL Draft less than a week away, there has been so much banter and debate about the Jets' draft options in Round 1 that people wish that the process was done with already. 

It just so happens that in this particular year, the Jets have two top-10 picks in the first round. Although they are not the only franchise with this luxury, see the other team that shares the monstrosity that is MetLife Stadium.

The 2022 NFL Draft is the most important draft the Jets have ever had. The team has been stuck in the doldrums for way too long, and it's because they haven't hit on superstar players selected at the top of the draft.

The Jets are so bad that in order for them to turn things around, they desperately need to hit home runs with picks No. 4 and No. 10.

Based on the team's recent history, the expectation is that the Jets won't — until proven otherwise. Drafting halfway decent or ok players won't turn the Jets franchise around. They need to finally hit it big. 

The Jets' current brain trust can't afford to swing twice and strike out. If they do, two years from now, a whole new regime will be drafting players for the franchise. 

The expectation, rightfully or wrongfully, based on recent history, is that the Jets' are going to get this wrong again by whiffing on picks that should be slam dunk superstars.

In fairness, the team is coming off a nice offseason of free-agent pickups, and there have been promising signs from last year's draft class. But the jury is still way out on the team's most important draft pick last year, quarterback Zach Wilson.

And two years removed from the Jets 2020 draft class, the early returns on general manager Joe Douglas' first draft haul have been below-average thus far.  It's one of the reasons why the Jets are still a bottom-tier franchise searching for salvation.

There are several players being bandied about as legit options for the Jets' two top-10 first-round picks. Some of these potential choices are less than desirable, in my opinion. And from where I sit, it would be a grave mistake if the Jets turn in their cards and draft these players.

Here is a list of players that the Jets shouldn't draft and the reasons why.