NY Jets must trade for DK Metcalf after the Russell Wilson trade

NY Jets, DK Metcalf, Russell Wilson
NY Jets, DK Metcalf, Russell Wilson / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets played a not-so-small part in the demise of the Seattle Seahawks organization that unfolded on Tuesday when the team sent perhaps the two greatest players in franchise history packing.

Russell Wilson is gone, as is Bobby Wagner. The Seahawks are in full-on rebuild mode, and you have to consider the Jamal Adams trade as the turning point for the franchise.

Nonetheless, the Jets could serve to benefit even more from Seattle's downfall. With the Seahawks in a selling mood, the Jets shouldn't hesitate to make a call for D.K. Metcalf.

There's been no indication as of yet that the Seahawks are willing to trade Metcalf who remains one of the brightest young stars on their roster. But if he's made available, the Jets must make a serious play for him.

The NY Jets must attempt to trade for D.K. Metcalf this offseason

A second-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Metcalf received questions about his route-running and agility coming out of college. Everyone knew that he was a certified freak, but there were legitimate concerns about how his game would translate to the NFL.

Those concerns were put to bed rather quickly as Metcalf hauled in 58 catches for 900 yards and seven touchdowns as a rookie proving to be a dominant downfield threat.

He followed that up with a Pro Bowl season in 2020 finishing with 83 catches for 1,303 yards and 10 touchdowns. A down year by his standards followed in 2021 as he finished with 75 catches for 967 yards and 12 touchdowns, but Russell Wilson's injury certainly contributed to that.

It's rather simple. Metcalf is a 24-year-old borderline No. 1 wide receiver who has never missed a game and is someone who would transform the Jets' offense.

The former Ole Miss star is an elite vertical threat who wins with an unmatched blend of speed and physicality. He's a phenomenal contested-catch receiver with the speed to take the top off defenses. As Robert Saleh would say, he's a "unicorn."

The Jets are searching for a true No. 1 wide receiver this offseason and Metcalf presents a golden opportunity. Not only would Metcalf instantly become the best wide receiver on the current roster, but he's someone who can continue to grow with Zach Wilson and the rest of the offense over time.

At just 24-years-old (he doesn't turn 25 until December), Metcalf is easily the best wide receiver target available for the Jets, assuming Seattle is open for business.

Any trade would require the Jets to extend Metcalf, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract, as well. But that shouldn't be a problem for a Jets team flush with cap space. You pay great players. Metcalf is a great player.

What the Jets would be willing to give up is a different story. If Metcalf is made available, the Oxford native will undoubtedly have his fair share of suitors. That's why the Jets must do whatever they can to land him in New York.

If it takes giving up the 10th overall pick in this draft class, they shouldn't hesitate. Are you going to find a player better than Metcalf with that pick? The odds are slim to none that you do.

The Jets need to be aggressive this offseason. Building through the draft has laid a foundation for success, but this team needs ready-made playmakers who can help now. Metcalf is the best of both worlds.

He's someone who can contribute at a high level immediately (something that's not a guarantee for any wide receiver in the draft) and continue to grow with the rest of this young roster.

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D.K. Metcalf is a perfect trade target. If the Seahawks are willing to negotiate, the Jets need to do everything possible to bring him to Florham Park.