NY Jets: 4 biggest disappointments of 2021 training camp so far

NY Jets, Denzel Mims
NY Jets, Denzel Mims / Al Pereira/Getty Images
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The NY Jets have seen a number of standout performances from training camp this summer.

Some players have emerged from relative obscurity to position themselves as potential contributors this year. Others have just confirmed what the team already believed — that they're primed for a big season.

It hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows, however. While some players have managed to impress, others have done the opposite.

Training camp is typically a time of the year where optimism reigns supreme. Fans get excited about the new offseason additions and set high expectations for the returning players.

You'll read plenty of "[Player X] is impressing" articles but very few about the inverse. Every team is winning at least 8-9 games. Half the league is poised to win the Super Bowl.

That's just the way it is at this time of the year. People love to believe.

Unfortunately, reality inevitably sets in. Typically an injury or two strikes a major player or the season starts and the team underperforms. But for some players, that optimism fades long before the season begins.

Which Jets players have disappointed through the first two weeks of training camp? We take a look at four candidates.