NY Jets: A complete analysis of the current team depth chart

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NY Jets, Blake Cashman
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NY Jets outside linebacker depth chart

• Starters: Jarrad Davis, Blake Cashman

Backups: Hamsah Nasirildeen, Jamien Sherwood, Del'Shawn Phillips, Brendon White

Much like the Jets' situation on the defensive line, the linebacker position is going through many changes.

Jarrad Davis, who has in the past played inside linebacker, will most likely move to the outside, although his role could be interchangeable. Davis is signed to a one-year deal with something to prove. 

Blake Cashman has all the physical tools necessary to transition into a defense that requires its linebackers to cover more space. Still, there have been availability issues with him in the past. 

Because of this, It's easy to see why the Jets drafted two linebackers like Hamsah Nasirildeen and Jamien Sherwood this past April.

The two former box safeties fit exactly what the team is looking for at the traditional WILL spot in the 4-3.  And it would not be shocking if either player ends up starting as rookies.

NY Jets middle linebacker depth chart

• Starter: C.J. Mosley

• Backups: Noah Dawkins, Jarrad Davis, Camilo Eifler

C.J. Mosley is the Jets' best re-acquisition for the coming season. He's been on the roster for two years, but his re-emergence back to prior form could be one of the team's best additions this year.

Mosley and Davis could flip-flop roles in this defense depending on the defensive alignment. And if Mosley were to miss time, a frightening thought for Jets fans, Davis would slide inside to the MIKE spot.

Noah Dawkins and Camilo Eifler are two athletic linebackers who can also play on the outside as well. However, don't be surprised if the Jets add a veteran linebacker for depth purposes this summer.