NY Jets WR Denzel Mims was the unquestioned star of Wednesday’s practice

NY Jets, Denzel Mims
NY Jets, Denzel Mims / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

On Wednesday, players reported to their second day of 2022 training camp and all eyes were on select NY Jets players, but one, in particular, was Denzel Mims.

Mims has been the recipient of plenty of criticism throughout the last calendar year, but so far this summer, his critics have been quiet.

He picked up where he left off in the spring, dominating on the offensive side of things. Mims is reported to be in the best shape of his career and hauled in some absurd catches from a variety of quarterbacks on Wednesday.

One of his catches came deep down the middle of the field from backup quarterback Mike White, while defensive back Isaiah Dunn had Mims completely covered.

Multiple figures inside and around the Jets building had strong praise for Mims and hopes to see him continue to succeed.

NY Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims was praised for his impressive practice

Connor Hughes, formerly of The Athletic said, "I had Denzel Mims with four catches today on five targets. Three of the four were wildly impressive. The fourth was a short gainer in the flat. One pass was broken up."

Hughes' report showcases that even with small reps, Mims is making the most of every opportunity given to him through camp.

Jets linebacker Quincy Williams, had the following to say about his teammate's impressive performance.

"I talked to him (Denzel Mims) about it and said 'Alright let's see if you can do it the next day and the next day. Monday, when those pads come on, are you going to shell up or still go out for those catches?'"

Quincy Williams

Mims is under an incredible microscope this offseason, and as his red-hot play continues this training camp, the pressure mounting on him to keep his strong showcase going forward will stick with him.

With a number of players ahead of him on the depth chart, including newly drafted wideout Garrett Wilson, Mims' focus should be on going out and proving himself day in and day out.

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The Jets have an abundance of talent for sophomore Zach Wilson, and only time will tell whether or not third-year wideout Denzel Mims will be involved in his arsenal.