NY Jets WR Denzel Mims is focused on getting "bigger, leaner" in 2022

NY Jets, Denzel Mims
NY Jets, Denzel Mims / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

NY Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims has everything to prove — and to lose — this season, and he's been putting in the work to earn a starting spot.

After two disappointing years in the league, Mims has so far failed to reach his potential as a former second-round pick, although one of those years he suffered under the arm of Sam Darnold.

Playing with two different quarterbacks in two seasons means Mims never got much consistency, and he also struggled with COVID-19 and food poisoning last year.

New year, new Mims? The third-year wideout has apparently been working with his personal trainer, Chad Marr, all throughout the offseason to get in shape and take his game to the next level.

Marr told the New York Post that the main goal of Mims' workouts was to get "swole," as the younger generation might say. In other words, gains, gains, gains.

"We did put more size on him, but we leaned him out at the same time. He is a bigger, leaner version of himself. The leaner and the stronger guys are, the more efficient movers that they are. He definitely needed to put on some size. "

Chad Marr

Denzel Mims bulks up for make-or-break season with NY Jets in 2022

Marr added that fans should "put their money" on Mims because "he's going to have an amazing year," which is, of course, easier said than done.

Mims got his NFL career to a solid start in 2020 but was swiftly buried on the depth chart in 2021, catching just eight passes for 133 yards in 11 games. His haters will note he has yet to find the end zone as a Jet, and when the team did rely on him, he let them down.

"It’s really hard to come back from all of that during a season. You don’t get the dedicated time that you need to put everything back together. We definitely needed to get him back to where he was feeling like himself again."

Chad Marr

Heading into the 2022 season, the Jets will have Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, and Braxton Berrios pulling their weight in the wide receiver room, but the unit is in dire need of reinforcements.

Many expect New York to use one of their two top-10 picks on a wideout prospect in the draft, and if so, Mims may find himself sitting on the bench again.

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Making a comeback requires as much mental fortitude as it does physical growth, but Denzel Mims at least appears to be on the right path to redemption.