NY Jets trying to convince Aaron Rodgers not to retire

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY

The NY Jets have emerged as the only viable contenders to trade for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Their in-person meeting with Rodgers on Tuesday certainly suggests that they're the front-runners to land the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

On top of that, it seems rather unlikely that Rodgers would want to return to Green Bay for another season, given the slew of reports that have been leaked in recent weeks suggesting the Packers want nothing to do with him.

The Jets appear to be Rodgers' only choice, that is, of course, unless he chooses to retire. And according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, that's still a very real possibility.

Schefter spoke about the latest with Rodgers and the Jets on Tuesday, and he insisted that "there was a school of thought [Rodgers] wanted to walk away from the game and retire [earlier in the week]."

He continued by saying, "If that's the case, the Jets are especially making a sales pitch to him to convince him to try to play." Perhaps that's what the crux of Tuesday's meeting is really about.

The NY Jets are doing their best to pitch Aaron Rodgers on New York

That sales pitch includes the Jets flying the likes of Woody Johnson, Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, and Nathaniel Hackett out to Southern California to visit Rodgers.

After a quick stop in Camarillo, very likely to pick up Rodgers, the Jets' flight plans call for a trip to Los Angeles where they will likely attempt to wine-and-dine their prized quarterback target. They even brought his good friend, Hackett, along for the visit.

The Jets' brass is going to do everything they can to convince Rodgers to not only play football in 2023 but to do so with the Jets. That's their current objective.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting that we shouldn't "expect anything soon" in regard to a future update, suggesting that Rodgers "has always taken his time." Despite indications that a trade could be imminent, it seems more likely that Rodgers takes at least another day or two to make up his mind.

As long as Rodgers doesn't go on another darkness retreat to make a decision, the Jets are perfectly content waiting. They really don't have a choice at this point.

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The Jets are doing what they can to sell Rodgers on New York, but perhaps more importantly, they're trying to convince him not to retire.