NY Jets coaching staff faces crucial test in New England

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The NY Jets coaching staff will have their hands full against the Patriots

The last time the Jets and Patriots squared off was in Week 2 at MetLife Stadium. Bill Belichick and his crew outclassed Robert Saleh and his staff in a 25-6 loss.

Much of the focus on that game was Zach Wilson's four turnover meltdown, and rightfully so. But Belichick's defensive crew had an excellent game plan that forced Wilson to throw into tight windows with multiple defenders in coverage.

The Jets' offense came out expecting the same blitzes that they mishandled in Carolina. But got something totally different than they anticipated and failed to adjust.

Robert Saleh has said all the right things during and after the Jets bye week. For him and his staff, this period away from play has been framed as one of self-reflection. Saleh and his handpicked coaches have had to go back to the drawing board and correct what they have been doing wrong.

There's no better test for Saleh and his staff on Sunday than facing off with Bill Belichick in New England. The Patriots have won 11 straight games against the Jets. They might make it 12 this weekend.

But with two weeks to prepare for New England, the Jets coaching staff is on notice. They know they need to be better than they have been.

Playing fast and hard is commendable. Inspirational speeches and catchphrases are great. But when your team is ill-prepared or poorly run, the uplifting messaging gets tuned out and eventually falls on deaf ears.

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'All Gas No Brake' rings hollow if the people in charge of driving the vehicle fail to steer it in the right direction.