NY Jets coaching staff faces crucial test in New England

NY Jets, Robert Saleh
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NY Jets, Mike LaFleur
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The NY Jets offensive coaching staff has done a poor job

There's no dancing around the facts or evidence. Neophyte offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur has done a poor job of game-planning for his opponents, and it shows in his offense's slow starts.

There have been communication issues and legitimate questions about how the team's talent has been utilized.

The Jets' offensive staff has not made life easier for their rookie quarterback. Zach Wilson is not without blame, after all, he has struggled to execute some of the team's most basic plays. However, some of the Jets' best plays this year on offense have come off-script.

Plays like Wilson's scramble and touchdown throw to Corey Davis in Week 1. Or Wilson's two outstanding improvisations against Tennessee in Week 4 at home.

One came on a fumbled snap and fire drill connection to Jamison Crowder down the field. The other is perhaps the team's best highlight of the early season, where Wilson called a deep route on the fly and connected with Corey Davis on a 53-yard touchdown pass.

The fact that the Jets' best offensive plays have not come by design, coupled with the team's poor starts, calls into question the team's play-caller and the person who is designing and orchestrating the offense.

Offensive coordinators are the go-to scapegoat for a team's struggles, but the truth is that the Jets' failings go way beyond just Mike LaFleur.