NY Jets LB C.J. Mosley believes the playoffs are a 'realistic goal'

NY Jets, C.J. Mosley
NY Jets, C.J. Mosley / Al Pereira/GettyImages

NY Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley has set his goal for the team, and it's making the playoffs. How realistic is this daring dream?

The Jets won just four games last season and finished last in their division, officially making it a full decade since they last reached the postseason.

They're ranked down there as one of the most pitiful franchises in league history, and the start of each season brings about an equal amount of newfound hope and projected disappointment.

What will 2022 bring? Right now, the scale weighs in favor of hope.

Coming off a successful 2022 draft, New York boasts a young and talented core with Zach Wilson, Elijah Moore, and Breece Hall, to name a few players.

With a more stable offensive line, the Jets should see significant improvements in their efficiency, and their games may even become fun to watch again.

While New York isn't exactly a coveted landing spot for free agents, the team nonetheless has a handful of grizzled vets who help manage morale and offer an irreplaceable locker room presence.

NY Jets' C.J. Mosley wants to end team's historic playoff drought in 2022

One of those vets is linebacker C.J. Mosley.

Mosley arrived in New York just three years ago, yet the 30-year-old has already grown to be a leader on and off the field. On the field, Mosley's performances have been somewhat lacking, though he did record a career-high 168 total tackles in 2021.

Mosley's best days may be behind him, but he's still keeping the winning spirit alive. He's right in that the playoffs should be "everyone's expectation," but realistically, the Jets may need more time to gel together and find their offensive rhythm.

Defensively, too, the team must improve leaps and bounds from last year when New York finished 30th in passing yards allowed and 29th in rushing yards allowed. That kind of drastic change typically doesn't happen in a year unless you're the Cincinnati Bengals, and Zach Wilson is no Joe Burrow just yet.

Considering the Jets' tough schedule in 2022, the team should be happy if it can eke by to a winning record.

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As long as Zach Wilson continues improving his game and as long as things continue to trend upward in 2022, it's a win for the NY Jets.