NY Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals: 3 key matchups to watch in Week 3

NY Jets, Sauce Gardner
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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Since the 2021 season ended, the talk from NY Jets management has been about progressing to the point where the franchise plays meaningful games in December. The truth is that it's been a while since the Jets played meaningful games in September.

The last time the Jets were over .500 during the regular season was ironically the last time they won a September game in 2018, before last week's improbable comeback victory over the Cleveland Browns.

The Jets were 1-0 in September of 2018 before finishing the year at 4-12. The year prior, New York was 3-2 after five games before everything fell apart, and the team faltered to a  5-11 record.

On Sunday at home, in Week 3 against the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals, the Jets have a chance to keep the good vibes going and change the pattern of recent seasons.

In years past, the green and white have been eliminated from contention before the green leaves hit the ground in October. Can the Jets build off last week's thrilling victory, or was it just a brief ray of sunshine before reality hits?

The Jets were victors over the Bengals last Halloween in a game that saw Mike White enshrined in the Hall of Fame for his lights-out efforts. A year ago, New York's young roster did a good job matching up against a very talented Cincy squad. Will they have the same results this time? 

Let's look at three key matchups heading into Sunday.