The NY Jets and Chargers are heading in different directions

How will the surging Jets collide with the disappointing Chargers?
New York Jets v Los Angeles Chargers
New York Jets v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

This Monday's primetime matchup is extremely interesting for a variety of reasons. The Los Angeles Chargers are a team that was expected to win lots of games but keep finding ways to lose in the final moments of the game. The NY Jets are a team that was expected to lose endlessly without Rodgers but keep finding ways to win in the final moments of their games.

The Chargers, 3-4, are trying so hard to keep up with the expectations and predictions made on paper that had this team a lock to make the playoffs.

In a way, I guess the 4-3 Jets are doing the same, but their struggle to reach their lofty offseason goals entirely lies in the loss of Aaron Rodgers four plays into the season. At this point of the season, both teams seem to be on two completely different paths.

In their last three games, the Chargers are 1-2 and took advantage of an undrafted rookie QB playing an NFL game in that win. As a result, their plus/minus over that time is zero despite the losing record.

Can the NY Jets continue their late-game heroics?

The Jets have won their last three (regardless of how ugly these wins have been) and hilariously were unable to take advantage of an undrafted rookie QB playing an NFL game.

As a matter of fact, they gave up a touchdown to him! Yet, the NYJ plus/minus for these last three weeks is +19 sixth-best in the NFL over that time). Again, these two teams are currently on two different paths.

It's also worth noting that although both of these teams are coached by a guy who was the defensive coordinator for a Shanahan-tree-style offense directly before becoming a head coach, the two teams have performed as polar opposites on the two sides of the ball.

The Jets have been one of the best defenses in the NFL, in the top 10 in every statistic but in most cases listed even higher — like having the fourth most takeaways per game in the NFL (1.9). While the Chargers are no slouch with their takeaways (1.7 per game), the same cannot be said for yardage and points.

There is only one team in the NFL that allows more than 265 passing yards per game: The Chargers, allowing 297.4. The Jets are fifth in this stat (184.4). The Chargers are 24th in points allowed per game (24), while the Jets are eighth (18.4).

The Jets' defense is elite, while the Chargers' defense became responsible for the only start in NFL history where an offense scored 58 points with zero turnovers to start the season and walked away 0-2. For those keeping score at home, it took the Jets four games to score that many points this season.

So what happens when a team with an incredible offense but leaky defense (Chargers) faces a team with an impenetrable defense but statuesque offense (Jets)? We'll find out on Monday night!