NY Jets causing Bucs to unravel, Antonio Brown to quit

NY Jets, Antonio Brown
NY Jets, Antonio Brown / Elsa/GettyImages

The NY Jets are currently beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but that's not even the craziest thing happening in MetLife Stadium right now.

Late in the third quarter and in the middle of a Bucs drive, wide receiver Antonio Brown suddenly lost his mind.

Brown was spotted tearing off his jersey on the sidelines and running to the locker room while gesturing to the crowd.

The most likely reason for Brown acting out the way he did was frustration. Prior to his half-naked sprint, Brown appeared annoyed with the referees' non-call on a passing play.

Still, no other Bucs player complained, and there didn't seem to be an obvious defensive penalty. Instead, Brown took matters into his own hands by...taking himself off the field. In very dramatic fashion.

Antonio Brown causes wild havoc in NY Jets game vs. Bucs

In the full video of Brown's mental breakdown, teammate Mike Evans appears to try to talk some sense into Brown as Brown frantically rips off his jersey.

Brown proceeds to strip other articles of clothing, throw them into the stands, and walk onto the field into the Jets end zone. He flails his arms in an attempt to rouse the crowd and then disappears into the locker room, all in the span of one minute.

Brown has been associated with plenty of controversy in the past, most notably his fake vaccination card fiasco that caused him to be suspended.

Despite Brown's crazy antics, Tom Brady still managed to convert the drive into a touchdown to make it a one-score game.

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Is this football Sunday or a comic strip installment of Bizarro? This NY Jets game against the Bucs has become a head-scratcher for more ways than one.