NY Jets vs. Cleveland Browns: 3 key matchups to watch in Week 2

NY Jets, Nick Chubb
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3. The Browns pass rush vs. the NY Jets offensive line and Joe Flacco

On the road, if pass protection doesn't hold up. Things can get ugly in a hurry.

The Jets had their fair share of struggles in their passing attack a week ago, and New York's failings were a complete team effort. A lack of open receivers, an aging quarterback who played tentatively, and an offensive line in flux teamed up to produce a lackluster offensive effort.

The Ravens had their way with the Jets offensive line, and a good portion of what they did was through blitzing and confusion. The Browns' defense employs some of those tactics up front, but because they have an all-world talent like Myles Garrett, there isn't much need for deception.

The only purpose of it is to create one on one matchups for your star pass rushers so that they can't be double-teamed.

Against Carolina in Week 1, Garrett had two sacks and a forced fumble. He probably could've had three more sacks easily against his former teammate Baker Mayfield. Garrett makes life a living hell for opponents and the jobs of his fellow teammates like Jadeveon Clowney so much easier.

Expect the Browns to try and isolate Garrett or Clowney one-on-one with rookie Max Mitchell as much as possible. Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur will be forced to counter by getting Mitchell help by leaving extra blockers in to protect Joe Flacco, but that effectively limits how many receivers are available as options in the passing game.

A week ago, Joe Flacco was forced to eat the ball in the pocket because he couldn't find any viable options to throw to.

The Jets got very little production from their tight ends against Baltimore and struggled to attack the seams in the passing game. A key matchup to watch is Browns safety Grant Delpit versus the Jets interior receivers.

Last Sunday, Delpit allowed 126 yards on three targets in his direction, but because of the Browns' pass rush, Carolina was unable to exploit his area throughout the entire game.

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If you are the Jets, you will not be able to neutralize Garrett and the Browns' pass rush. You must work your way around it and slow the pass rush down by establishing the rushing attack and a quick strike passing attack.

Otherwise, it's going to be a long afternoon for New York.