NY Jets players haven't forgotten about Sean Payton's comments

Breece Hall remembers...
NY Jets, Sean Payton
NY Jets, Sean Payton / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

New Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton made headlines this summer for his unprompted criticism of NY Jets offensive coordinator and former Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett. The Jets haven't forgotten about those comments.

Payton made his Broncos debut on Sunday, coaching his first game as a member of the organization. Despite Payton blaming Hackett for the team's struggles last season, the former New Orleans Saints coach didn't fare much better in his debut.

The Broncos fell to the Jimmy Garoppolo-led Las Vegas Raiders by a final score of 17-16 in Week 1. Payton's offense failed to score 20 points, and there were some noticeable similarities between how the offense performed against the Raiders under Hackett and how they performed under their new coach.

For all the talking and finger-pointing that Payton did this summer, it's safe to say that his team didn't back it up when they took the field in Week 1. And don't you think that the Jets have forgotten about what Payton said.

Jets coaches and players commented on Payton's remarks in the immediate aftermath this summer, and it clearly still seems to be a sticking point for the team. Just ask running back Breece Hall.

NY Jets running back Breece Hall hasn't forgotten about Sean Payton's comments

Hall 'liked' the above tweet that criticized Payton's comments about Hackett. Evidently, Hall and the Jets believe that blaming all of the 2022 Broncos' struggles on their former head coach was foolish.

While Hackett obviously struggled in his lone season in Denver, Payton's criticism was unprovoked and bizarre given the circumstances. Rather than focus on his own team's strengths, he decided to throw a fellow coach under the bus.

Needless to say, the Jets have their Week 5 game against the Broncos circled on their calendars. They didn't take kindly to Payton's shots at their coach, and at least after Week 1, it seems as though the Jets might be having the last laugh.

In Payton's defense, Russell Wilson and the offense showed signs of improvement, and the team wasn't aided by a shaky day from kicker Wil Lutz. Still, the end result was the same.

The Jets still have a few weeks before they will be given the opportunity to exact revenge on their newfound rivals, but you'd better believe that the team hasn't forgotten about what Payton said. It's still very much fresh in their minds.