NY Jets vs. Bills Week 10 announcers for TV and live stream

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The Mike White-led NY Jets square off against the Buffalo Bills for a Week 10 AFC East showdown. Who's on the call for this divisional matchup?

After shocking the world in Week 8, the New York Jets got too far behind in Week 9 but have had over a week to think about what went wrong in that loss. Unfortunately for them, the Buffalo Bills -- their Week 10 opponent -- got hoodwinked by the lowly Jaguars this past weekend so they'll be out for blood.

When Jets fans turn the TV on to watch their team take on the Bills, they'll be treated to the voices of Spero Dedes and Jay Feely, who are the broadcast team for this weekend's game. Dedes and Feely are typically calling the "less important" matchups (no offense Jets and Bills fans) so it's not shocking to see them assigned to this game.

NY Jets and Bills Week 10 will be called by Spero Dedes and Jay Feely.

So far this season, the Jets haven't had Dedes or Feely calling their games all that much. They were on Thursday Night Football last week, meaning they had Joe Buck and Troy Aikman as announcers, and the week before they got the team of Kevin Harlan and Trent Green likely due to how hot the Bengals were coming into that one.

What's interesting about this team is that Feely spent 13 years in the NFL as a kicker. It's not common for kickers to go into broadcasting but he's been pretty good at it since joining the CBS Sports Network in 2015, originally covering college football. He made the switch to the NFL in 2017 and this is his first year being paired with Dedes.

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Hopefully, we'll get to hear Dedes and Feely call an NY Jets victory over the Bills.