NY Jets Beast of every Week: Through the dark days our fans remain dedicated

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As the final seconds ticked off the clock in another defeat for the NY Jets, I once again, began my quest for optimism and contemplated potential candidates for "The Beast of the Week."

I considered Braxton Berrios who hauled in six receptions for 52 yards and also racked up another 183 combined yards on both kickoff and punt returns.

Consideration was even given to our new kicker, Eddy Pineiro, who actually was successful in converting all three of his field-goal attempts with a long of 46 yards. Given the recent history of the Jets' kicking situation, this was a feat in itself.

As I continued my search for the silver lining, I quickly realized that Sunday's stars were the fans. Not just for this game but for all that they have endured over the last several seasons.

Sunday's 30-9 defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints was just the latest of many lackluster performances by our beloved green and white.

The NY Jets fanbase is loyal no matter how poorly their team plays

In spite of all the losing and with nothing to really play for, except pride and the hope for progress towards the future, the fans still came out as they always do to root the team on.

Winning was not in the cards for Sunday, but you can bet the fans will shake it off, bounce back, and still be there supporting the Jets tomorrow.

Over the past two seasons, the Jets now have a combined record of 5-24 and are in the midst of their sixth consecutive losing season.

Since 2011 the team has had just one winning season and even that one ended in bitter disappointment with a gut-wrenching loss to Rex Ryan's Buffalo Bills — a loss that would eliminate the Jets from making the playoffs.

The two 8-8 seasons that took place in 2011 and 2013 now look like years filled with great success. In spite of all the misery, the fanbase has remained passionate and loyal. Frustrated yes, but after shaking off another defeat, the fans will bounce back and be there for the team come the next game.

We, as fans, will sometimes boo when we feel it's deserved or warranted, but that's just out of frustration and the residual effects of long-term losing.

Make no mistake about it, when this team does finally turn it around, MetLife Stadium will be rocking and it will be as loud as any stadium in the NFL.

Earlier in the season, my son and I got to witness firsthand the passion and excitement of New York Jets' fans as we attended the game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Though the Jets came in that day with a record of 1-5, you would have never known it by the enthusiasm of the fans in attendance. You could feel the passion of the fans from the opening player introductions right up to the final whistle of the game.

As the game went further and further along, you could feel the energy in the air and the thrill from the fans when the score went final and the Jets were victorious.

As chants of "Mike White" rang through the stadium, one could only wonder what the atmosphere would have been like if this was a game with playoff implications. As it was, the fans went home that day about as happy as they've been in a long time.

No doubt about it, Jets fans are starving for a winning season. We are tired of the memories of "The Butt Fumble," "The Doug Brien game," crushing season-ending interceptions by Ryan Fitzpatrick, and of course, the misgivings of coaches like Adam Gase and Rich Kotite.

We want our team to be respected and we want a winner. Like the 1970s, it's been a long time coming.

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One thing is certain though, that at the end of the day the fans will still be there. So vent, yell, complain, and do whatever else it takes to keep your sanity because someday our time will come.

Until then, here's to the true "Beasts of the Week," the New York Jets fans.