Why the NY Jets should avoid a Robby Anderson reunion

NY Jets, Robby Anderson
NY Jets, Robby Anderson / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets have been connected to rumors of a possible Robby Anderson return in recent days. The Carolina Panthers wide receiver reportedly prefers a move to the Jets if he is to be traded this offseason.

Anderson finds himself the center of trade rumors following a disappointing 2021 season due partially to poor quarterback play. Given Anderson's preferred trade destination, there has obviously been speculation that a reunion could be in order.

However, it's probably in the best interest of the Jets to avoid any potential trade talks.

Anderson is a good player, and he proved just how productive he could be in 2020. But there are a few reasons why a trade just wouldn't make sense for the Jets.

A Robby Anderson trade isn't sensible for the NY Jets

The Panthers aren't just going to cut Anderson — they can't. Anderson is set to carry a cap hit of over $16.8 million into 2022 and releasing him would result in a dead cap charge of over $15.6 million.

There isn't a benefit to releasing him, which is why he's been the subject of trade rumors instead. If the Jets were to trade for Anderson, not only would they have to give up draft capital, but they'd also have to eat his hefty 2022 salary.

Again, Anderson is a good player, but he's not worth that much. The Jets would be able to get out of the deal next offseason with little in dead cap space, but that could handicap them in 2021. The only player on the Jets' roster with a higher 2022 cap hit is linebacker C.J. Mosley.

Now, the Panthers would likely retain some of that salary to make a trade happen, but it's hard to imagine they'd retain enough to entice the Jets.

On top of that, the Jets probably aren't looking to ship away draft picks for players that don't represent a major upgrade. There's no doubt that Anderson would improve the Jets' offense by adding a vertical element.

But does a trio of Anderson, Elijah Moore, and Corey Davis really move the needle? The Jets are in search of a true difference-maker at the wide receiver position this offseason. Anderson isn't that.

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Robby Anderson might be eyeing a Jets reunion this offseason, but it's probably best for the team to explore other trade options to upgrade their wide receiver room.