Don't expect the NY Jets to trade for Aaron Rodgers anytime soon

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal

The NY Jets and Green Bay Packers are in a waiting game as it pertains to an Aaron Rodgers trade, and now just about a month out from the 2023 NFL Draft, we don't appear to be nearing a conclusion anytime soon.

The hope, and expectation, among many inside both the Jets and Packers organizations was that a deal would be reached prior to next week's league meetings in Arizona. That doesn't seem likely at this stage.

NFL Network's Mike Garafolo provided an update on the ongoing Rodgers saga this weekend, and he insisted that the Jets and Packers remain "far apart" in trade talks.

The Jets believe they have offered more than enough and don't want to bid against themselves, seeing as though Rodgers already declared his intentions to play for the Jets. Meanwhile, the Packers know the Jets are desperate and trying to extract any leverage they have in the situation.

The result? Two stubborn teams that don't want to budge and aren't necessarily in a hurry.

When will the NY Jets get an Aaron Rodgers trade done?

So when might it happen? When is the next deadline? By all accounts, it seems likely that this trade will occur prior to the 2023 NFL Draft in late April. That's the next notable deadline, at least for the Packers.

The Packers would prefer to acquire 2023 draft capital instead of 2024 capital. Not only does that give them access to those assets a year early, but it's likely the Jets won't be picking as high in 2024 as they are this year. The assumption is that they'll be a better team next season.

That means the Jets might possess slight leverage in this complex situation, although, in reality, neither team has much leverage to speak of. Both sides know that there's only one outcome: Rodgers getting traded to the Jets.

The Jets and Packers don't appear to be in any hurry to get a Rodgers trade done. Ideally, it would have happened prior to the start of free agency two weeks ago, but these two teams are stubborn.

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They're both desperate to maximize any leverage they might have. That's why we continue to wait on a Rodgers resolution. Don't expect a trade to happen within the coming days.