NFC North coaches celebrate NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers departure

Aaron Rodgers' old Packers foes are thrilled to see him gone
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The NY Jets changed the power dynamic of the NFL when they acquired Aaron Rodgers via trade. Not only did they bring one of the game's best signal-callers to the AFC East, but they took him away from the NFC North division that he terrorized for so long.

While Jordan Love could be a solid quarterback in this league, the rest of Rodgers' old division has to be absolutely thrilled that two games every single season do not involve staring down a future Hall of Famer and hoping he doesn't spend all day tearing the defense apart.

Rodgers always had a flair for being a nemesis for his division rivals, constantly beating elite teams and keeping emerging teams down. Any team like the Jets that blows up that structure is going to get tons of praise from those Rodgers used to torment.

An anonymous NFC North coach (who sounds like a Bears coach that is sick of getting his behind whooped by one of the best quarterbacks in franchise history) said that he is "so glad" that Rodgers is finally out of the division, according to a survey of executives, scouts, and coaches.

NFC North team thrilled Aaron Rodgers joined NY Jets

Even when Rodgers was well below his usual standards of excellence last season, he was productive enough to take a Packers team with a generally horrid defense and minimal receiving talent around them to within one game of sneaking into a postseason spot.

With the Jets, Rodgers is expected to take the Jets to the postseason for the first time in over a decade while thrusting them into the championship picture if he is able to recapture the form that won him two MVP awards with Nathaniel Hackett as the offensive coordinator.

In his wake, Jared Goff and the Lions are tapped by many to step up in his wake and fill the power vacuum. Love will need to show he can play in this league, while Justin Fields has a long way to go before his Bears can contend. Don't sleep on Kirk Cousins and the Vikings, either!

In much the same way that Jets fans threw a parade when Tom Brady joined the Buccaneers following two decades of constantly destroying the rest of the division, the Bears and Lions likely have to be overjoyed with the fact that they're most-hated rival is finally going to torment another division.