Ranking the NY Jets 8 biggest draft steals since 2010

NY Jets, Michael Carter
NY Jets, Michael Carter / Al Pereira/GettyImages
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The NY Jets have become a team synonymous with poor drafting as many of their top picks in recent years have failed at the NFL level, but they’ve also had a few picks in the later rounds that have turned out to be great.

Some were just good contributors to this Jets team while others have the potential to be stars. While the Jets still have the reputation of being a bad drafting team, there are some very notable exceptions.

While the statistics don’t always back up these players as becoming great players, they all contributed to the Jets in one way or another, or have bright futures. And when those players are taken in the fourth round or beyond, that’s a big-time win.

All Jets fans would love for this team to start drafting superstars in the early rounds, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you need production from later picks, like the following eight players who represent great steals for the Jets.

1. Michael Carter, RB, NY Jets

Despite only heading into his second year, Michael Carter is one of the most talented players the Jets have had in quite some time, but somehow, he fell all the way to Round 4 in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The UNC product showed great production throughout his college career, and that continued into his rookie season, where, before his injury, he became a highlight reel all unto himself. 2022 is primed to be a huge season for the powerful back.

Despite playing in just 14 games in 2021, Carter put together over 600 rushing yards, along with 300 yards receiving to go with his four touchdowns. If healthy, Carter could become a star in the NFL. Pretty good for pick No. 107.