NY Jets 7-round 2023 NFL Mock Draft with Aaron Rodgers trade

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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The NY Jets are going to trade for Aaron Rodgers. It's a matter of when not if, at this point. And when they do, they're going to surrender some sort of draft capital. Exactly how much they give up depends on who you talk to.

Still, it's reasonable to suggest that the Jets will not have all six of their current draft picks at their disposal in the 2023 NFL Draft. That's why crafting mock drafts before the Rodgers trade becomes official is a little tricky.

How many draft picks will the Jets have to use? Which draft picks will they give up? Those questions remain unanswered. For the purpose of this mock draft, we constructed our own potential Aaron Rodgers trade.

With the help of Pro Football Network's mock draft simulator, let's take a look at the results from our latest seven-round 2023 NFL mock draft. But first, a closer look at our projected Rodgers trade.

The Aaron Rodgers trade

It's nearly impossible to accurately predict what Rodgers will be traded for, and the entire "leverage" debate has been repeated ad nauseam. So let's just go back to the originally conceived trade proposal, shall we?

Months ago, this was the trade package that seemed to make the most sense for everyone involved. The Jets sent the No. 43 overall pick in the second round to the Packers as well as a 2024 conditional pick that could become a first.

Those conditions will be based on how the team and/or Rodgers performs in 2023. If the Jets want to add a conditional pick with roster status ties, that pick would have to come in 2025.

The condition could be that a Jets Super Bowl win makes it a first-round pick, a playoff appearance makes it a second-round pick, and the Jets failing to reach the postseason makes it a third-round pick.

We're not here to debate Rodgers trade proposals, but that seems reasonable to me. Now let's get into the actual mock draft.