NY Jets 53-man roster and 16-player practice squad prediction

NY Jets, Lawrence Cager
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NY Jets running backs

  • Breece Hall
  • Michael Carter
  • Tevin Coleman

There will be some discussion about the decision to leave only three running backs on the active roster, but with only a select few roster spots to go around, difficult decisions needed to be made.

Breece Hall, Michael Carter, and Tevin Coleman are all locks. They each figure to play their own defined role on offense. The true competition has been for the fourth running back spot on the roster.

In this scenario, I decided to keep both Ty Johnson and Zonovan Knight on the practice squad (assuming they clear waivers). The new practice squad rules allow for more flexibility between the active and reserve rosters which provide the Jets with insurance in case an injury occurs.

I also opted against carrying a true fullback on the roster as Nick Bawden and Trevon Wesco don't make the cut. Much like with Johnson and Knight, though, Bawden was retained on the practice squad meaning that the Jets can still have the fullback they desire.

NY Jets wide receivers

  • Elijah Moore
  • Corey Davis
  • Garrett Wilson
  • Braxton Berrios
  • Jeff Smith

Perhaps another surprise is the decision to only carry five wide receivers. That decision was made easier with a corresponding move at the tight end position that will be revealed momentarily.

The top five wide receivers on the Jets' depth chart are pretty much locks. Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, Garrett Wilson, and Braxton Berrios aren't going anywhere, and Jeff Smith has done enough to secure his spot.

The big question here was surrounding Denzel Mims. While it seemed unlikely that the team would just outright release him (although it's still possible), a trade seems like the best-case scenario for everyone involved, especially after Mims officially requested a trade on Thursday.

Others such as Irvin Charles and Calvin Jackson feel like prime practice squad candidates.