Ranking the NY Jets 5 worst first-round draft picks since 2010

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4. Calvin Pryor, S, NY Jets (18th overall - 2014)

Coming out of college, Calvin Pryor was seen as a game-changer in the secondary, with the ability to make plays and hit hard with his aggressive, explosive style, but when he got to the NFL, he just flat out struggled.

Unlike some of the other picks on this list, this wasn’t seen as a bad choice at the time, but even in his rookie season, Jets fans could tell that Pryor didn’t have it. Hope kept dwindling year after year until he was finally traded away.

While no team can always nail their draft choices, it’s clear that at this time, the Jets' organization just wasn’t on the same page. While that would become more and more evident, this choice started a run of very, very bad times for this hapless franchise.

5. Quinton Coples, OLB, NY Jets (16th overall - 2012)

When Quinton Coples was taken with the 16th selection in the 2012 draft, many believed it was a mistake, but that is further hammered home by the fact that Melvin Ingram and Chandler Jones were both taken in the next 10 selections, further cementing the Jets' true lack of talent evaluation at the time.

Injuries, as well as position changes, didn’t help the career of Coples, but after five seasons with the Jets, he had accumulated less than 20 sacks. For someone who was supposed to help change the culture of the Jets and get to the QB, this just wasn’t good enough.

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His standing among Jets fans probably isn’t helped by the fact that the team is still yet to find an elite (or even Pro Bowl level) pass rusher since, making it hurt even more. This is one that the Jets front office royally messed up.