NY Jets: 5 things to watch for in Saturday's preseason game

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NY Jets kickers Chris Naggar versus Matt Amendola

It's not sexy; after all, preseason games usually aren't. But the Jets have a wide-open battle for who will be the team's kicker when the regular season starts. And the truth is that when the smoke clears, the team's placekicker might be on someone else's roster. Before the dust settles this summer, Joe Douglas could be working the waiver wire for another option at kicker. Hopefully, Douglas avoids another Kaare Vedvik scenario.

For now, the battle at kicker is strictly between undrafted SMU kicker Chris Naggar and Oklahoma State's Matt Amendola. Both players have strong legs but much like the majority of the Jets quarterback room. Neither kicker has any in-game NFL playing experience. These preseason games will matter for both kickers.

The Jets are taking a gamble at an important position by not bringing in a proven veteran option. They still could shift gears after Saturday's game and pursue another option, but they might not if one of these two players step up and take hold of the position during preseason action.

The truth is that even if one of these two kickers is lights out during these games. The real litmus test will come when the lights come on during the regular season.