NY Jets: 4 trades the team could make this summer

NY Jets, Nick Foles
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NY Jets, Jamison Crowder
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2. The NY Jets could trade Jamison Crowder

A little change of pace here as we switch to a player currently on the roster who the Jets could look to trade.

Now, it should be noted that much of this notion depends on the outcome of Jamison Crowder's current contract discussions with the front office.

The Jets are asking Crowder to take a pay cut with the leverage that, if they cut him with little dead cap, he would make significantly less on the open market. It's a strategy that will likely work in their favor.

But what if Crowder refuses the pay cut? The Jets could simply release him, or they could look to find a trade partner.

Crowder is still a good player and the Jets might be able to fetch a Day 3 pick under the right circumstances. It helps that the team already has an abundance of slot depth on the roster.

Elijah Moore has been the star of OTAs. Braxton Berrios has proven why he shouldn't be overlooked. And Keelan Cole, another standout from OTAs, has ample experience playing in the slot.

Crowder is a luxury. Certainly a luxury worth keeping around, but if the price is right, perhaps the Jets bite the bullet and send him to another team.

It's more likely that Crowder takes the pay cut and plays out his contract with the Jets in 2021. But don't rule out a trade just yet.