NY Jets: 4 surprise cuts the team could make this summer

NY Jets, Blessuan Austin
NY Jets, Blessuan Austin / Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images
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The NY Jets are going to have to make some difficult cuts this summer. For the first time in a long while, the Jets actually feel like a team that has very respectable depth at a number of positions.

The defensive line is among the deeper units in football. The offensive line has been improved, both in terms of the starting five and those competing for backup roles. And the wide receiver position is the deepest it's been in years.

Of course, with added depth comes difficult decisions. There are only so many roster spots to go around meaning that certain players are going to be left out.

The usual suspects know who they are and those watching from home are well aware as well. It isn't difficult to spot a roster-bubble player in training camp or the preseason.

But it isn't always the expected players that ultimately get the ax.

Every year, there are at least one or two surprise cuts that raise some eyebrows. The Jets will likely be no different this summer.

The following four players may seem like they have a roster spot locked up, but they could find themselves looking for a new job if things don't go according to plan.

But which players are we talking about? Which surprise cuts could the Jets make this summer?

Let's take a look at four potential candidates.