NY Jets: 4 players who you may have forgotten played for Gang Green

NY Jets, Ty Law
NY Jets, Ty Law / Rick Stewart/Getty Images
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Over the years, the NY Jets have been represented by many players who, long after their playing days were over, were still remembered because of their achievements to the team. Their glory days were a thing of the past, but their Jets legacy lived on.

Former players like Joe Namath, Don Maynard, David Harris, and Shaun Ellis are still remembered for their accomplishments and for their longevity with the organization. However, did you know that each of those players ended their careers with other teams?

That's right, Joe Namath was with the Los Angeles Rams, Don Maynard played for the St. Louis Cardinals, and both David Harris and Shaun Ellis ended their careers with the New England Patriots.

As strong as their bond was to the Jets' organization, we still may have forgotten that their playing days ended with other teams.

The opposite can be said as well.

There are many players who have played for the Jets but are mostly remembered for their playing days elsewhere.

With that being said, let's take a look back at four former Jets who you might have forgotten played for the team. Surprisingly, some of these guys played some of their best football while with the green and white.