4 important New Year's resolutions for the NY Jets in 2022

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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NY Jets New Year's Resolution No. 2: Settling the quarterback room for Zach Wilson

The Jets need to settle their quarterback room by eliminating the number of cooks they currently have in that kitchen.  The team has QB coach Rob Calabrese and special assistants John Beck and Matt Cavanaugh chipping in to aid Zach Wilson and the Jets quarterbacks.

It's time to make that process singular. There are too many voices. 

The unfortunate and untimely passing of pass-game coordinator Greg Knapp forced the Jets to scramble on short notice to replace someone who was going to be a key figure in Zach Wilson's development.

Knapp was not only a vital hire for Robert Saleh's staff as a proponent for Zach Wilson, but he was going to aid in helping the team's young offensive coaches like Mike LaFleur. 

The loss of Knapp in the summer led to the Jets bringing on veteran coach Matt Cavanaugh to their staff. And then eventually, the team's brass convinced QB guru John Beck to join the team in mid-stream when Zach Wilson went down due to a knee injury — all temporary solutions to what needs to be a long-term fix.

The Jets need to decide who will help lead and develop Zach Wilson the rest of the way, whether that means making a strong financial commitment toward Wilson's personal coach John Beck to remain in-house or going outside Florham Park to seek someone new. 

Another reason for stabilizing and refining the coaching staff on offense is to create a pipeline for what could eventually end up being the departure of Mike LaFleur. 

Based on how well he has grown as a first-time NFL play-caller, there is going to come a time when Mike LaFleur is on NFL teams' radars for head coach openings.

Skeptics could correctly surmise that the same was said of former Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady, whose star diminished almost as quickly as it rose. After all, there's no question that how well Wilson develops could determine LaFleur's ascent into a head coaching role.

However, based on the early returns and his performance this year, It's hard not to see a future where an NFL team turns the keys of their franchise over to LaFleur. It's a copycat league, and teams might hope that Mike can match his brother Matt's early success in Green Bay.

The Jets have to prioritize streamlining their communication system for Wilson, but also in setting up a clear succession plan at offensive coordinator for the day that LaFleur moves on. If things break right for Zach Wilson and the Jets offense in 2022, that could be a year from now.