NY Jets: 4 longshots who can sneak onto the 53-man roster

NY Jets, Tanzel Smart
NY Jets, Tanzel Smart / Rich Schultz/Getty Images
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The NY Jets made their first round of cuts on Tuesday as they were required to trim their roster to the 85-player limit set by the NFL. It was a pretty uneventful day with few surprises, but it marked the start of roster cuts.

Each year, teams are required to trim their roster down from 90 players to just 53 by the start of the regular season. And the 2021 season will be no different.

The next cutdown day will be next Tuesday, August 24th, when the Jets will be forced to make five more roster moves to reach the 80-player limit.

Following that, final cut day will be on August 31st. That's the day of reckoning for NFL rosters as dozens of players will be cut as teams scramble to hit the 53-player mark.

The next two weeks will be a crucial time for many of the Jets' roster bubble players. While certain players use the preseason as a means to get up to speed in preparation for the regular season, many others are fighting for their jobs.

You could adequately identify three distinct groups of players during the preseason. You have your roster locks whose spots are safe, your roster bubble players who are on the fringe, and then there are your longshots.

These are the players who few expect to make the roster — many of whom are just camp bodies there to fill the roster and compete for practice squad spots. But every so often, one or two of these longshots find their way onto the final roster.

Let's take a look at four longshots who could make the Jets' 53-man roster.