NY Jets: 4 most disappointing trades in franchise history

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2. NY Jets trade up to draft Dewayne Robertson in 2003

Back to the NFL Draft trade-ups with one of the most infamous busts in recent NFL history. The Jets believed they were trading up to draft one of the most dynamic and explosive defensive tackles the NFL had seen in a long time.

Instead, Dewayne Robertson was just fine.

The fourth overall pick failed to live up to the lofty expectations placed on him and he was gone from the NFL after just six seasons, five of which were spent in green and white.

Robertson played 77 games with the Jets over five years, recording 14.5 sacks, 261 tackles, and 24 tackles for loss. He was a serviceable starter for a half-decade, but the Jets were expecting so much more.

The Kentucky standout earned pre-draft comparisons to Warren Sapp, which is why the Jets packaged both of their first-round picks as well as a fourth-rounder to snag someone who they felt was a generational prospect.

Robertson ranks up there as one of the biggest draft busts in Jets history, which is saying a lot given the team's lineage of poor draft picks.

And the fact that the Jets gave up as much draft capital as they did just to snag him means that he's also a part of one of the worst trades in franchise history.

A double whammy of infamy.