NY Jets: 4 biggest disappointments of the 2021 season so far

NY Jets, Corey Davis
NY Jets, Corey Davis / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com via Imagn
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The NY Jets have performed more or less about as well as they were expected to through the first six weeks of the 2021 season.

Sure there have been elements of the team that have fallen short of expectations such as the offense's overall ineptitude, but that's been counteracted by an overachieving defense, particularly in the secondary.

The Jets are 1-4 coming out of their bye week, and unless your expectations were a little lofty, this is about where most projected the team to be.

That being said, the Jets have experienced their fair share of disappointing performances from a number of players on the roster.

Truth be told, expectations were pretty low for the Jets this year. But that doesn't mean that each member of the roster had low expectations — far from it.

In fact, some players entered the 2021 season with a pretty optimistic outlook. Unfortunately, optimism is oftentimes the enemy.

And for the four players on this list, that certainly is the case.

Let's take a look at four Jets players who have underperformed through the first five games of the season.