NY Jets: 3 reasons why Joe Flacco is starting on Sunday

NY Jets, Joe Flacco
NY Jets, Joe Flacco / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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NY Jets, Joe Flacco
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2. Joe Flacco allows the NY Jets to evaluate their young players on offense

Once again, I'd like to make something clear. This is not my own personal opinion, it's the Jets' rationale.

The Jets believe that Joe Flacco gives them the best opportunity to both develop and evaluate the young players on their offense. That remains one of the biggest reasons why he's starting on Sunday.

On top of winning football games (more on that in a moment), the Jets' primary goal this season is to develop the young talent on their roster.

When it comes to the offense, the two skill players that immediately spring to mind are running back Michael Carter and wide receiver Elijah Moore.

Both Carter and Moore have found plenty of success with White at quarterback, but against a blitz-heavy Miami Dolphins defense, the Jets believe that Flacco gives them the best opportunity to evaluate players like Carter and Moore.

And there is some sense to that. White struggled mightily against the blitz last week and was virtually shut down with his check-downs taken away. The Dolphins took a similar approach against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens the prior week.

The Jets want a quarterback who can push the ball downfield, and that's where Flacco comes in. They want a quarterback who will competently run their offense in Week 11 and allow them to get an extended look at their young, budding playmakers.

They believe Joe Flacco is the best option.