NY Jets: 3 moves the team could make to help Zach Wilson

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com / USA
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NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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2. Could the NY Jets recruit John Beck to join their staff?

Zach Wilson told the media this week that he plans to work with his close friend and mentor John Beck during his bye week on the basics.

The question is, why not have John Beck around all the time helping Wilson as a member of the New York Jets?

In April, during the NFL draft process, when asked about potentially joining an NFL coaching staff, here's what Beck told Ethan Cadeaux of NBC Sports Washington. Below is an excerpt from the article.

"With the amount of experience and success he’s had as a trainer, combined with his NFL background, would he ever want to be a coach? Beck says no for now but didn’t rule it out for the future. He still misses the day-to-day NFL grind -- the chess match between offense and defense, the game planning, the intrasquad scrimmages, and, especially, the locker room."

Ethan Cadeaux, on John Beck

Beck has ties to not only Zach Wilson but also the LaFleur family. Once upon a time, Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur served as Beck’s quarterback coach in Washington on a staff that featured Kyle Shanahan, LaFleur, and tight ends coach Sean McVay. 

When Shanahan was in San Francisco, he sent his three quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Mullens, and C.J. Beathard, to work with Beck and 3DQB — a premiere QB training company that Beck helped create since his playing days ended.

Beck also scripted his pro days with Wilson, Fields, and Lance using Shanahan's playbook. He not only has experience with Zach Wilson but he knows the type of system that the rookie QB is currently playing within.

It might be a difficult sell to get Beck, a family man, to make the journey to the northeast to be Wilson's full-time QB coach. Perhaps this pairing on the Jets might be something to visit in the future.

But for now, hopefully, Wilson's reconnection with Beck during this bye week helps get the rookie QB back on track.