NY Jets: 3 keys to victory against the Denver Broncos in Week 3

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3. The NY Jets need to slow the game down for Zach Wilson with their rushing attack

Zach Wilson followed Robert Saleh's 'All Gas No Brake' mantra to the letter last week against New England.

Unfortunately, Wilson went too fast, never slammed on the brakes, and crashed on multiple occasions during last week's home opener to the tune of four interceptions.

Some of Wilson's poor throws weren't entirely his fault, but even his coach said after the game that the rookie quarterback needed to play a more boring style by taking what the defense gave him rather than forcing the issue and trying to be the hero on every play.

Lost by some in the Jets' offensive woes a week ago was that they ran for 152 yards on the ground, averaging 4.9 yards per run in the process. The Broncos' rush defense, in Week 2, allowed 75 yards rushing, 4.7 yards per rush to Jacksonville on 16 carries.

It's no secret that the strength of Denver is their pass defense. They are ranked third overall in the league because of it. A week ago, rookie QB Trevor Lawrence threw for only 112 yards to go along with two interceptions. The Jaguars averaged only 3.6 yards per pass attempt.

The Jets need to stay committed to their running game. Even if there is tough sledding early on.

Success in New York's rushing attack could help set up Wilson for easier throws down the field off of play action. One of the calling cards of the "Shanahan" offense is the ability to manufacture big plays through deception.

Broncos country knows it all too well, from years of watching Alex Gibbs, Mike Shanahan, and Gary Kubiak utilize the system to near perfection.

The Jets can slow down the Broncos pass rush, who will be playing this game without Bradley Chubb. Create hesitation by Denver's linebackers and operate under manageable third-down situations by creatively scheming different runs and play action plays off of them to keep the Broncos defense off balance.

The Broncos are not only playing this game without Chubb, as mentioned above, but they also lost linebacker Josey Jewell to injury. Denver's weak point on defense, if you want to call it that, is the inexperience of their inside linebackers, Alexander Johnson, Justin Strnad, and Baron Browning.

The Jets need to test the Broncos' young linebackers. There could be an opportunity for some big plays in the ground game, provided that the Jets can repeat what they did a week ago.

The Jets rushing tandem of Michael Carter and Ty Johnson played very well last week. The team needs more of the same in Denver. I am sure that Carter would love to show out with his former North Carolina running mate and friend RB Javonte Williams on the opposite side of the field.